The MoveForward Advantage

Be our Brand Partner and increase your sales by empowering your customers to enjoy the life they deserve by offering more ways to pay over time. Let them split their payments in 5 low interest payments, in up to 10 weeks.

Attract new customers

Grow your market with our active MoveForward users.

Increase average order value

Flexible installment payments increase the number of sales a shopper might make by splitting payments into more manageable and affordable chunks.

No credit risk

You are paid in full upfront while we assume all credit risk.

Our  Brand Partners

Here’s how MoveForward works


Your customer creates an account in MoveForward and they get to shop for their favorite brands.


Customers get to choose the payment schedule that works best for them.


They’ll make the first of 5 installment payments with low interest and pay the rest over the course of their plan.
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