Easy Payments Every Time

Paste your product URL below & enjoy easy monthly installments up to 12 months!

1. Register to get verified

Sign up and submit all necessary documents to build up your credit limit

2. Link your product

Copy+paste the product URL and product details from any online shop to your LINKSHOPPER portal

3. Calculate Installment

Select your easy installment payment options and enjoy up to 12 months to pay

up to P100,000

Shopping credits 

up to 12 mos.

payment terms

as low as  2.6%

interest rates

as fast as 24hrs

Credit Approval
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Questions? We are here to help.

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How does Linkshopper work?

Want to buy an item from another shop but they do not provide installment payments? No problem. Simply browse for the product from any online shop. Copy the link/URL and paste it on the search field. Click the "Pay in Installments" button and you are on your way.

How do I increase my Shopping Credit?

Get an initial shopping credit by creating your account here. Enter complete details and monthly income/salary and get verified. Qualify for higher shopping credits and longer payment terms  by attaching required employment, business and source of income documents.

What products can I buy with Linkshopper?

Linkshopper accepts products from any online shop with valid product URLs. To ensure the quality of your product, please buy from reputable and high ranking merchants and indicate the specific product details such as product name, model, description, quantity, and price.

How do I Check Out?

Select your preferred payment term as well as the your payment method to complete the checkout. Please take note that shipping fees and other fees are not part of the shopping credits and should be paid during the initial payment.

How fast is the delivery?

Linkshopper provides you the convenience of easy installment payments for products from your favorite merchants. We will provide you with the estimated delivery date depending on the credit approval, product availability, order fulfillment parameters.